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26 October 1934 — 26 January 2014

Archie Ewing's eulogy by Mick Coughlan

Good afternoon everyone. My name is Mick Coughlan and I have the privilege of being
President of the Gold Coast Table Tennis Association.

I also have had the honour of knowing Archie Ewing for nearly 20 years.

I would like to offer my condolences to his dear wife Margaret and the family,

both personally and on behalf of the members of GCTTA.

Thank you for your kind invitation to speak at this celebration of Archie's life.

Right from my first encounter with Archie, I found him to be an inspirational person –
always encouraging. After some time I found out, not from Archie but from others, of
all the great work he had carried at the Brisbane Table Tennis Club where he was a life
member and past President.

I tried to recruit Archie for our committee, but true to his word, he told me that on
retiring from Brisbane he had promised Margaret "no more committees!" This was
certainly okay and very noble. However, Archie still made himself available as a
volunteer at major events and working bees.
I enjoyed his company in our domestic competitions and was often in teams with him
at other Club Opens or the South East Qld Pennant.
Another good friend and team mate of the day and current TTQ President, Trevor
Barrett rang me this week from his home in Bundaberg and we spoke at length about
Archie. He could not make it today but Trevor also had many fond memories and sends
his apologies and condolences to the family.
At the many AGM's Archie attended at our Club, we could always rely on him to ask
the "Dorothy Dix" questions that pertained to the financial reports to show that
someone cared and appreciated the efforts of the committee . . .yes, Archie cared.


Archie was very well respected at our Club. I could always bounce things off him regarding club
management. I was glad to have him as a mentor, whether he liked it nor not! At our 2010 AGM I
acknowledged his contribution and support for me personally and the Club. He was shocked by this as
he never sought accolades, but his beaming smile told me he appreciated it.

On the occasions I visited his home I was always made welcome and felt very comfortable. Over the
years I carried out a few renovations at Archie and Margaret's home and Archie was always helpful,
offering this tool and that and his management skills. His shed and tools were always immaculate. He took
great pride in all he did. I was offered the use of his car to pick up materials while my men worked off the
truck. Although the car was a few years old, it was in showroom condition. That was Archie.

I will miss Archie, but feel, like most, that he has enriched our lives and made a difference – mainly by
the way he lived by example. I'll miss the calls of "up and over Archie" as he pushed himself to better
shot making, and his tongue in cheek accusation of "you bandit" when you managed a net or edge to win
a point against him. He loved the contest – he loved the game of table tennis and it loved him. He gave much back.

Thank you Archie Ewing.


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