Membership fees must be paid to be eligible to enter into Club events. As a general rule, Membership should be paid when participating regurarly.


There are 3 membership levels:

   - GCTTA Member Fee (non-registered)

     (This level provides access to the local club as a casual player or a member of another association)

   - Social Membership

     (This level enables a player to access the local club as a regular social player.

     Perfect for those who like to have a hit regularly but do not want to commit to a regular fixture)     


   - Club/Tournament Membership

      (This levels allows a player to compete in Club fixtures and events, inter-club competitions, all Association Open Tournaments, State  

       Championships, Interstate Championships, and National Championships)


For further details and pricing please go to Membership.


Playing Fees


The different types of playing fees consist of the following:

  • Social

  • Fixtures

  • Family / Group rates

  • Social Discount Card

  • Annual Fees


For details and prices please go to Playing Fees.