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Playing Fees


The different types of playing fees consist of the following:

  • Social

  • Fixtures

  • Family

  • Members Social Discount Card

  • Group Rates available


For details and prices please go to Playing Fees



Membership fees must be paid to be eligible to enter into Club events. As a general rule, Membership should be paid when participating regurarly.


There are 3 Membership levels:

   - GCTTA Member Fee (non-registered)

     (This level provides access to the local club as a casual player or a member of another association)

   - Social Membership

     (This level enables a player to access the local club as a regular social player.

     Perfect for those who like to have a hit regularly but do not want to commit to a regular fixture)     


   - Club/Tournament Membership

      (This levels allows a player to compete in Club fixtures and events, Inter-Club competitions, all Association Open Tournaments, State  

       Championships, Interstate Championships, and National Championships)


For further details and pricing please go to Membership


Annual Fees


*Gold Annual

*Silver Social


For details and prices please go to Annual Fees



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